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8 Workouts To Keep You Warm This Winter

Im not one to turn down treats I only get a couple times a year, especially when it comes to festive holiday drinks, but I also dont have any interest in carrying that extra pound or so around with me for workout routine the rest of 2014 and beyond. Theres one way to help make sure the extra weight stays in 2013: exercise, exercise, exercise. But not boring, long, drawn out exercise sessions visit the site that seem to go on forever. Short, intense, bursts of a good full body workout that knocks out cardio and strength all in one. I seriously hate to get bored with my workout routine, so Im all about finding new ones to try. Here .. [read more] are my picks for the chilly winter when you cant always trek outside and brave the frigid temps.
Full story: http://www.babble.com/body-mind/8-workouts-to-keep-you-warm-this-winter/

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